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ACTED Act for Change  Invest in PotentialOur visionSince 1993, as the second French NGO, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect... lire la suite

ACTED, the second French NGO, is an apolitical, and non-confessional international relief agency created in Afghanistan. The first projects were initiated in Kabul in 1993 to bring relief to... lire la suite

ACTED is a non-governmental organisation created in 1993. Independent, private and not-for-profit, ACTED respects a strict political and religious impartiality and operates according to non-... lire la suite

The Annual Reports contain all the information concerning the assessment of our activities country by country; the objectives; and the main financial and human data about ACTED.The Annual Reports can... lire la suite

Financial information for 2014   ACTED's budget in 2014 amounted to 160 million euros. ACTED was created in 1993 and publishes it's accounts every year in order to guarantee transparency to the... lire la suite

ACTED relies on the commitment of more than aid 4,300 workers active in 34 different countries around the world, but also within regional teams and the headquarters in France (Paris), all part of an... lire la suite

ACTED General board ACTED is a non profit organisation registered in France under the 1901 Association Law, with 102 members, and overseen by a board of 14 board members:Mr Bertrand Gallet,... lire la suite

Our projects in our 35 countries of intervention all follow one coherent strategy. ACTED is a global civil society organization that speaks in one voice and addresses the challenges of the 21st... lire la suite