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TAD was established and local Iraqi non-profit and non-governmental organization with a focus on Peacebuilding and Democracy Development.
Since 2004 and after the official registration of TAD in Iraq, TAD always served in the front line, in line with region need for peace and development, in this regard we have served in various field and sector, and always seeking for additional knowledge in our field of activities.
Our organization responsible for planning and executing more than 44 projects during the past years, In Iraq, with more focus on (Kurdistan - Nineveh - Salahuddin - Baghdad - Anbar, and Diyala), the projects mostly focused on (Protection - education - livelihood and social cohesion and support activities for democracy)
Our Partners and donors in the Projects:
UNDP - IOM - USAID - UNICEF - NED - Oxfam - GiZ - US gov - PAX – Konrad – ICAN – SFCG – Triangle – FAO - NPA -  and etc.
 Based on the goals and vision of TAD organization and over the years, All designed and selected project was focused on Gender equality - Ethnic equality and religious equality!
Accordingly, TAD organization has established policies related to equality, which considered as one of the foundations of project implementation.