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Contact Name BWA Iraq
Contact Email [email protected]
Contact # 07906973103
Address 1 Karada District Sec.905, Street 21, House 7
Address 2 Dohuk
Location:  [Baghdad,Iraq ]
Contact Phone 07906973103

BWA’s vision is to combat all forms of violence against women and girls while ensuring their legal protection, equality, respect, and all human rights.

BWA's mission statement is to limit and mitigate violence against women and girls by providing all required services for female survivors of gender-based violence and by calling to implement the appropriate laws, policies, and government programs to support women, while aiming to increase the political involvement of women through the development of leadership skills through knowledge, growth, and capacity building.

Strategic Direction and Objectives

1- Support services refers to the assistance provided to individual women who come to the association and report cases of abuse or a violation of their civil rights. These women will receive counselling, legal advice and be assisted in filing cases with the police or through the courts. Programme Objective: To help women to heal from abuse and to provide them with the necessary support.

2- Women’s Leadership Development is the knowledge, skills and capacity building programme that builds on the work already done by BWA. This programme will continue to focus on educating women on the constitution, the laws of Iraq as well as providing knowledge about international human rights instruments such as CEDAW. Programme Objective: To facilitate women’s access to decision-making positions and to develop their leadership capacity.

3- Advocacy is a programme aimed at changing laws, policies and government programmes that discriminate against women and girls. An important part of advocacy is the documenting of violations as well as reporting on such violations. BWA will document the experiences of women and use opportunities such as Shadow Reporting to bring national and world attention to the plight of Iraqi women. Programme Objective: To change the thinking and behaviour of decision-makers in order to prevent the violation of women’s rights, and to protect and promote the rights of women.