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Organization Overview

The Canadian Aid Organization for International Society Rehab (CAOFISR) was established in Toronto, Canada in the year 2012. CAOFISR is an International Non-Governmental Organization that is currently operational in Iraq for the past 6 years covering north, center and southern regions. CAOFISR has been active in many sectors including CCCM, livelihood, shelter, WASH and protection, and strives to find sustainable solutions to the humanitarian crisis within Iraq.

CAOFISR was established by a group of Iraqi -Canadians that wanted to assist with the humanitarian crisis following the various conflicts Iraq has endured over the last 4 decades. They utilized community, private and personal funds to begin funding small projects within Iraq and gradually grew through experience and the hiring of experienced staff in the humanitarian field. Since establishment, CAOFISR has been determined to empower the local communities, and ensure sustainable improvements within the areas of operation.

Mission Statement

CAOFISR is a NGO that is committed to providing lifesaving aid and various opportunities for vulnerable populations across the globe. We work diligently to provide equal opportunities for all men and women, neglecting all forms of segregation and promote a more inclusive ideology in each area we work.

CAOFISR is non-governmental and remains politically and religiously neutral in any area that we work. We work with the people, and for the people without discrimination against any ethnicity or religion. Our focus is to combine international experience with the capacity of the local communities in order to strategize the best solutions to implement. We strive to promote gender equality and stand against social injustice through awareness and education. We believe that through development projects and finding sustainable solutions, we will be able to provide families with the best foundations to continue supporting their families, which is why that remains our main focus.



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