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Contact Name Zahraa Al Khayat
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Location:  [Baghdad,Iraq ]
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Our Mission

The Iraq Health Access organization ("IHAO") aims to foster peace and reconciliation in post-ISIS Iraq through community engagement and sustainable development. IHAO achieves its aim through a multilayered approach. Initially, IHAO delivers food and water into conflict zones, thereby developing a relationship with local communities. IHAO performs its distribution with the support of the central government and consent of governorates. IHAO engages the community by recruiting locals to oversee distributions and liaise with the governorate. Upon developing ties and fostering trust, IHAO re-opens and administers primary healthcare centers which were originally established by the ministry of health. In addition, IHAO initiates Tamkeen, an income generation project, which provides grants to individuals for the establishment of small businesses. Tamkeen aims to rejuvenate the local economy and provide a source of income to returnees. By providing aid, administering healthcare, and initiating the local economy, IHAO creates an ecosystem, which moves individuals back from camps and into their homes.