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NCCI's Mission Statement: "NCCI is a member-led organisation that coordinates principled, collective NGO action in order to foster development, address humanitarian needs, and promote respect for rights in Iraq."

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq, or NCCI, is an independent initiative that was launched by a group of NGOs present in Baghdad in April 2003. At the time of inception, the 14 original members focused on establishing a base for objective aid coordination, highlighting intervention priorities and optimizing aid responses in Iraq. While membership was originally limited to international NGOs, in 2005, in an effort to empower Iraq's civil society, NCCI reviewed its structure and opened up membership to national NGOs, which greatly enhanced their links with the international aid community. NCCI now has 108 NGO members, and 6 observer NGOs, who are international and national organizations operating in Iraq and involved in all sectors of humanitarian and development work. The common objective of NCCI's members is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in Iraq. To view a list of our members please click here.

NCCI's activities evolved in accordance with the changing situation in Iraq, and in turn the organization developed into a comprehensive coordination forum where NGOs can exchange information regarding humanitarian activities and policy decisions in Iraq. NCCI continues to perform its role in advocacy and lobbying inside and outside Iraq, in addition to acting as a link for information sharing in regards to humanitarian needs and assistance. NCCI also provides various support services to its members NGOs.
Third parties - UN agencies, Iraqi authorities, other NGO platforms and donors - also participate in the exchange of information facilitated by NCCI on relevant humanitarian and development issues in Iraq.

The direct beneficiaries of the services provided by NCCI are its member organizations, followed by the greater NGO community in Iraq (national & international) and UN agencies. Indirect beneficiaries are people in need in Iraq who directly benefit from the projects of NCCI’s member organizations, who are supported by NCCI’s coordination, information sharing, advocacy and capacity building activities.