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ِAbout PAH:

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) is a non-governmental organization. For 25 years, we have been providing relief in emergencies worldwide. We also run missions in several countries in crisis. Our interventions – of both humanitarian and development character – have been carried out in 44 countries so far. We concentrate on ensuring sustainable and stable development of regions suffering the consequences of war and/or natural disasters. We possess long-standing expertise in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), but also implement projects in Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), MPCA as well as Nutrition and Education. For more information, please refer to  


PAH in Iraq:

We returned to Iraq at the end of 2016 to respond to the needs of the civilian population caused by the fighting in Mosul. In 2017 PAH reached in total 53 000 beneficiaries with emergency assistance in Mosul and Erbil Governorate. In 2018 PAH is focused on providing multipurpose cash assistance in Erbil and Dohuk Governorates and on wash rehabilitation activities in Ninewa Governorate. In 2019 PAH has expanded its programs to cover three sectors, namely, WASH, Livelihood, and MPCA in Erbil, Duhok and Ninawa governroates. 

PAH’s current activities in Iraq include:

  • swift reaction to humanitarian crisis in Iraq.
  • improvement of quality of all actions, assuring more adequate humanitarian response, following humanitarian standards and requirements of local communities.
  • response based on complementary programs and projects which are created in coordination with local authorities and local communities.
  • support of Iraqi employees in improvement of personal potential and professional capacity.