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Location:  [Erbil,Iraq ]
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Qatar Red Crescent draws the comprehensiveness of its vision and the scope of its action from two of the seven International Humanitarian principles under which it operates: humanitarian and universal. The mission of philanthropy targets people everywhere without discrimination or segregation based on language, sex, race or religion. It is a universal message that is neither restricted nor bound by limits.

During 37 years, the Crescent scope of work has expanded in a way that its assistance and projects have reached more than 47 countries in various hot spots around the world, providing support to vulnerable people affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts, in the light of its mission to ensure self-preservation and human dignity. From this mission, emerges a set of general rules regulating its work, including coordination with the responsible authorities in the target area, the use and training of local community staff and volunteers, the study of the local environment and taking into account its common elements such as foodstuffs, building materials, architectural designs, clothing, etc. and the purchase of relief materials from the local market if available in order to stimulate business activity and achieve economic return complementing the relief purpose. QRCS is existing in Iraq since 2013, responding to affected population in different parts of the country as a result of the wartime during the last few years providing the assistance in multi humanitarian sectors as needed for the affected population.