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Founded in 2003, Women Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) is a non-profit, non-government and independent organization dedicated to working towards the protection and advancement of women’s and child rights and service provision for all members of societies across Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). WRO supports the needs of Syrian refugee, Iraqi IDP, and Kurdish women, men, and children in prevention and response to sexual/gender based violence (SGBV) and increasing their access to quality economic, protection, food, health, education, shelter and legal services. WRO’s work aims to increase the social, political, economic participation of women in all aspects of society though capacity development projects that promote the economic and political participation of women.


WRO has over a sixteen year history of collaborative work at the national, regional and international level. WRO has delivered over 45 programs focused on psychological MHPSS and physical health, formal and non-formal education, capacity building, protection, wash, legal, advocacy, livelihoods, political and economic participation, voter and democratic awareness, stabilization and reconstruction. WROs efforts have shed light locally and internationally through awareness raising and advocacy on many important issues such as mainstreaming gender based violence GBV across all sectors, sexual violence in conflict SVC, and other issued related to marginalized groups rights in Iraq through initiatives that directly impact tens of thousands of families each year. In partnership with UN agencies, international organizations and governmental bodies, WRO has been able to meet the needs of Syrian refugee, IDP, host communities by providing them with lifesaving services and developmental support services. WRO supports women, men, and children in communities across Iraq to reclaim their lives and start anew with hope and dignity in camp, urban, and rural settings.

WRO’s vision is built on the principles and strong beliefs in the collaborative and collective action of civil society, international organizations and individuals to advance every woman and child affected by conflict access to social justice, to be free from gender inequality in their societies, and live free from threat of violence or discrimination. WRO believes in investing in the communal needs of refugee, IDPs and host communities to forge social and community cohesion.

Our mission is to act in communities affected by conflict where women and children are made vulnerable to sexual violence, economic disempowerment and lack of education, WRO advocates for the advancement and protection of women and children’s rights. We work to strengthen the capacity of all women and children, regardless of ethnicity, to become equal and empowered members of society.