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Contact Name IRC HR \ Recruitment
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Job Information
Contract Duration
Governorate Nineveh
Job Shift
Nationality National
Working Hours Full Time
Posted 2018-12-06
Minimum Education High School
Degree Title
Minimum Experience 2 Year
Required Travel 100%
Job Status
No Of Jobs 1
Published Date 2018-12-06
Deadline Date 2018-12-21
[Sinjar,Iraq ]


Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee is a prominent international organization working in relief, rehabilitation, protection, post-conflict development, resettlement services and advocacy for those uprooted or affected by violent conflict and oppression.

Working in coordination with the humanitarian community, the IRC currently addresses the needs of war-affected populations from several operational bases across Iraq. Our activities focus primarily on the supply of vital medications and medical equipment, non-food items, water and sanitation and women and children’s protection, and form part of an over-arching humanitarian response in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and the region that seeks to assist refugees, IDPs and war-affected people survive conflict and displacement

IRC is seeking to hire a driver with a saloon vehicle to cover its needs in KRG and other IRC activity Locations

Position Overview:

Under the direct supervision of Sinjar Fleet and Logistic Assistant, the driver is responsible to provide support and assistance to the IRC staff and programs based in Sinjar sub district in matters related to transportation. The duties of the driver will include visits to Mosul and other IRC activity locations within Ninewa. The driver is responsible to provide a vehicle, which must be a legally registered 4X4 that belongs to the driver.



Specific responsibilities include,

  • The safe transportation of IRC personnel
  • The safe transportation of IRC materials
  • The care and maintenance of the vehicles and their accessories

Key Competencies

  • Minimum two years’ work as a professional driver
  • No road safety-related fines or convictions Thorough knowledge of road rules and regulations
  • Skills in routine vehicle maintenance and minor repair
  • Team spirit and problem solving abilities
  • Able to carry out limited, un-supervised tasks
  • Drivers must display an attitude and behavior that reflects well on both themselves and the IRC

Expected Deliverables

  • Strict adherence to the IRC’s vehicle policies and procedures, including the use of seatbelts by all passenger
  • Daily and pre-long distance vehicle checks. Accurate upkeep of the vehicle’s log
  • Maintaining the vehicle clean, fuelled and mechanically
  • Inspecting and maintaining all vehicle
  • Advising the Transport manager of pending inspections, insurance renewal or any defects or problems.


خلفيا سياقا منضمى :

لزنا رزكاركرنا جيهانى IRC  ( ( هاتيه دامزراندن ل سالا 1933 وئه و ليزنه يكا جيهانى يا خوايه دكار دكه بو بيشكيشكرنا هاريكاريا و دوبارا تاهيلكرنا وخه زمتا بشتى بدوماهي هاتنا  شران وئه و ليزنه يكا جيهانى يا خوايه دكار دكه بو بيشكيشكرنا هاريكاريا و دوبارا تاهيلكرنا وخه زمتا بشتى بدوماهي هاتنا  شران IRC  نوه كار دكه ل زيدتر 25 دولتي بو جارسركرنا بيتفين بله ز رزكاركرنا زيانا مروفين يد زيان لى هاتية كرن وله هفركاندا وبيتفين دوبارا ئافدانكرنا جفاكا بشتى هفريكان ز

لزنا رزكاركرنا نيودولتي IRC  بروكرامكي بو ماويكي دريز ل عراقيدا بو هاريكاريا ئاوارا وبنابران وكاردكن لكل جفاكا مروفيكي و IRC كاردكه له سه ر جارسركرنا بيتفين بنابرين عراقي او سوريا بريكا جند نفيسينكهين بجه ينانين ل دفري



وصفى كارى :  

   لبن اشرافا هاريكارى لوجستك يى شنكالى شوفير مسووله بو دعم او مساعدا ستاف وبرنامجى منضمي ال شنكالى ل برين او انينا وان بسيرا خو . شولى وى احتمال بجا موسيلى او دفريت هكه  ريخراوه لي كار بكه تابعى موسيلى شوفير اي مسووله بو توفيركرنا سيارى دكل دفيت يا رقمكرى بيت او 4*4 بيت دبل لكسن


مسولياتيت شوفير:

مسولياتيت وي دفيت


*نقلا همي موضفا بسلامتى بيت

*نقلا مواديت منضمى بسلامتي

*كوهدان او جيكرنا سيارى


 خبراتيت دف هبين : 

-كارى شوفيرى كربى بماوى شه ش سالا .

- جه غرامه او تشتيت ني ئاساي ال سر نه بن او نيزامى ريكا زانبي باش .

- خبره ال جيكرنا سياره دا هبيت ومشاكل بسيط .

- كاربيت مشكله حل بكيت او مرن بيت كل تيمي خو .

- كاربيت هندك شوليت دي بكه .

- محافضي ال سر سلوكى خو بكه لان افه تصرفا فدكرين ل سر وي او منضمي زك


تشتيت متوقع بكت: 

-التزامى ب قوانينين سركى اد شوفيريى وكي شداندنا قايشي او ستاف هموى .

-التزامى ب جيكاندنا سيارى بباشى وجيكرنا فورما بدرستى روزانه .

-محافضي السر نضافتا سيارى او روزانه تزي بانزين بكه .

- همو تشيت سيارى بجيكيني برى هكه دركفيت ج عردا

- شيرتكارى ل همي ستافي بكت وختى تفتيشا

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

Minimum Requirements

  • Legally registered 4X4 vehicle.
  • Minimum secondary school, preferably college degree.
  • Valid driving lice
  • Able to pass IRC driving

Preferably previous training in first aid, defensive driving courses.


خبراتيت وي :


-سياركه 4 * 4 هبيت يا درستبيت

- دفيت شهادة تانويى هبيت هكه كليى بيت باشترا

- اجازة سوق هبيت

- كاربيت اختبارا منضمي درباسبكه

- دورة اسعافات اولية هكه بربيت باشترا .

How To Apply
  • Qualified Candidates should submit the Cover Letter with their CV attached electronically to  with indicating the title Car rental with Driver - Sinjar in the subject of the email.
  • Closing date is 20th Dec 2018.
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