Job Information Logistics Officer NGO Information Job Information
Contract Duration
Governorate Al Anbar
Job Shift
Nationality Not Applicable
Working Hours Full Time
Posted 2021-06-09
Minimum Education Bachelor Degree
Degree Title
Minimum Experience 1 Year
Required Travel
Job Status
No Of Jobs 1
Published Date 2021-06-09
Deadline Date 2021-06-23
[Ramadi,Iraq ]

Overall purpose

The Logistics Officer supports the CSI Logistics Manager in the overall management of the logistics activities linked to Fleet, Energy and Premises at base level. He/She guarantees specifically the good management of the resources (Fleet and Premises).


Responsibilities and scope of duties

  • Ensure the fleet management at base level under the supervision of the CSI Logistics Manager.
  • Ensure the respect of contract by drivers.
  • Ensure the management of the Watchmen and the drivers.
  • Ensure the management of all PUI RAMADI premises.
  • Ensure the management of all equipment of the office and other premises.
  • Ensure the management of energy in the most efficient way possible.
  • Ensure a monthly report and analysis on the fleet and premises organization.
  • Support the logistic Manager on security measures implementation.
  • Specific goals and related activities
  • Be the focal point for inter-base movement.
  • Be the focal point on any transportation issues.
  • Ensure all the communication with rental cars and truck transportation suppliers.
  • Ensure the follow-up of all needs in terms of vehicles and ensures that needed vehicles are provided in a timely fashion, for the persons as for the goods.
  • Ensure all the communication with PMs and Heads of Department for transportation issue at base level.
  • Contribute to contracts negotiations for vehicle rentals in collaboration with the CSI Logistics Manager.
  • Follow-up the rental contracts for all vehicles.
  • Liaise with the suppliers of transportation services, providing advice and guidance as necessary.
  • Contribute to the costs analysis regarding the fleet management under the supervision of the CSI Logistics Manager.
  • Ensure the archiving of all the transportation files.
  • Ensure that all vehicles used by Première Urgence Internationale staff have all the necessary documentation, extinguishers and a first aid kit.
  • Participate in drawing up mechanical assessments for vehicle needs and ensure the follow up of maintenance and repairs for all vehicles that belong to PUI and ensure that the maintenance of rented vehicles is regularly and properly done by the suppliers
  • Ensure the drivers are respecting security rules and driving regulations, and report any issue to the CSI Logistics Manager.
  • Ensure respect of Première Urgence Internationale procedures.


  2. Procurement
  • He/She guarantees that procurement procedures for RAMADI are respected according to the donors’ and PUI’s guidelines.
  • He/She guarantees that the Supply Chain procedures are fully respected without being an impediment to the timely implementation of the activities by: a. Collaboratively following up each procurement plan with the projects teams (PMs), b. Proactively initiating the launching of all the necessary procurement process (above all the calls for tenders), c. Supporting the edition of logistics documents when necessary, d. Monitoring the chain of validation
  • He/She guarantees the validity of all the procurement files according to PUI’s SC policy
  • He/She works in close collaboration with the person requesting the purchase, with strong technical specificity, and carries out any appropriate conformity tests if required.
  • He/She ensures that contracts are adequately signed by the empowered coordinators and guaranteed a strong protection for PUI in case of disagreement.
  • He/She centralizes and optimizes the grouping of purchases.
  • He/She supervises the identification and referencing of suppliers.
  • He/She updates the mission’s price catalogue for the mission’s operation areas.
  • He/She ensures that purchase files are correctly archived and sent to coordination on a monthly bases.
  • Update procurement plans and purchase follow up tools on a weekly basis.
  • Update asset and stock lists for RAMADI base on a weekly basis.


  1. Shipment
  • He/She provides advices about the most efficient and effective mode of transportation and packaging of the merchandise.
  • He/She contribute to plan and eventually supervise the shipment and delivery of materials/equipment up to their final destination for RAMADI.
  • He/She coordinates with the logistics department at coordination for the shipment of merchandise coming from abroad.
  1. Storage
  • He/She guarantees the management and monitoring of the storage places in RAMADI, according to the PUI’s standards and tools.
  • He/She ensures that these are known to and understood by everyone.
  • He/She ensures that the storages are appropriate to the mission’s needs and that items are stored appropriately in terms of safety, layout and salubriousness.
  • He/She ensures the movement/transfer of documents is properly referenced.
  • He/She checks stock reports on a monthly basis.
  1. Procurement validation
  • He/She support the CSI Logistics Manager for the opening tenders (participation, correction, validation)
  • He/She ensures the update of the purchase follow up every week and shares it at base and coordination level every week.
  1. Supplier communication
  • He/She can delegate this task in specific occasion (for ex. Due to the level of technicity needed, due to the complexity of the delivery schedule …).
  • He/She will be responsible for keeping at all time a good relation with supplier and the reputation of the organization.
  • Management of the Watchmen & Drivers in compliance with Première Urgence Internationale’s procedures and security regulations (including JD issuing, recruitment, evaluation, leaves, reminder of security rules…).
  • Give feedbacks and reports to his/her line manager about the logistics staff.
  • Organize daily work of the Watchmen & Drivers.
  • Contribute to the hiring process the support team at base level.
  • Ensure the continuous general training at base level and regularly test knowledge.
  • Supervise all the suppliers of services working in the logistics department.
  • Arrange necessary trainings for the logistics team to improve the implementation of Première Urgence Internationale’s logistics procedure through the department.
  • Be the focal point on any RAMADI premises issue.
  • Ensures the premises follow up for the office, the guest houses and the store.
  •  Ensure the maintenance and the needs analysis regarding all premises and the communication of needs to the CSI Logistics Manager.
  • Ensure that the issues are fixed with the help of persons who’s in charge of small maintenance.
  • Ensure the maintenance of premises and the supply of premises consumables, including medical supplies. Check and take action when necessary.
  • Anticipate and evaluate the stock and assets needs of RAMADI based operations.
  • Be on call during weekends to manage premises related emergencies in RAMADI
  • Follow up and regularly update the assets and inventory lists, and keep track of all equipment.
  • Edit the identification cards and asset forms.
  • Install and secure materials.
  • Manage installation of assets and materials in RAMADI base and in program locations assigned by the CSI Logistics Manager.
  • Focal point on any equipment issues.
  • Ensure the maintenance and the proper use of all IT and Telecom equipment on the base and on programs. Check and take action when necessary.
  • Ensure the distribution of IT and telecom assets, ensure the supply of IT and telecom consumables.
  • Ensure the assessment of IT and Telecom needs with relevant person (CSI Logistics Manager, IT officer, PM, etc…).
  • Focal point on any IT and telecom issues.
  • Ensure the codification and the allocation of all assets and durable equipment at base level and at programs locations.
  • Ensure the follow-up of all assets and durable equipment at base level (update of equipment list and inventory lists notably), and in assigned program locations.
  • Be on call during weekends to manage equipment related emergencies in RAMADI.
  • Focal point on any energy issues. Identify the needs and help in costs and contracts negotiations.
  • Ensure the assessment of energy needs with relevant person (CSI Logistics Manager, PM, etc…).
  • Follow the consumption and transfer the information to his line manager.
  • Ensure the supply of combustible for all equipment on the base.
  • Ensure the maintenance, the follow up and the proper use of all energy equipment (generators) on the base. Check and take action when necessary.

Collect all necessary information and draft the monthly logistics reports. 


Qualifications & Preferred Skills


Required knowledge and skills





·         At least High School diploma



·         At least 1 year of relevant experience

·         Preferably as Logistics Officer


·         Mastery of techniques such as vehicles’ maintenance, energy, electricity.

·         Strong organizational and prioritization skills.

·         Independence and ability to take initiative.

·         Sense of responsibility.

·         Management skills with capacity to delegate and supervise.

·         Analysis skills.

·         Mastery of techniques such as, electricity and computer technology

·         Good computing skills in general



·         English

·         Arabic

·         Kurdish








·         Pack MS Office





Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into team, suitability for the job and assignment/mission)

·         Independence, an ability to take the initiative and a sense of responsibility

·         Good resistance to stress

·         Sense of diplomacy and negotiation

·         Good analysis and discernment capacities

·         Organization and priority management

·         Adaptability to changing priorities

·         Pragmatism, objectivity and an ability to take a step back and analyze

·         Ability to make suggestions

·         Sense of involvement

·        Trustworthiness and rigor

·        Capacity to delegate and to supervise the work of a multidisciplinary team

·         Commitment to humanitarian principles 





Mobility: willingness to travel including field visits around Iraq; Travel to Erbil, or other destinations may be required

How To Apply



In order to submit an application, all candidates are invited to fill the following google form by clicking on the link below:

Premiere Urgence will proceed to the preselection of candidates on a rolling basis and reserve the right to close the advertisement as soon as a candidate is identified for the position. Therefore, you are kindly invited to submit your application as soon as possible.  

Kindly note that all applications received by email or by paper will not be considered. Only those submitted through the application link will be processed.

Premiere Urgence Internationale thank you for your interest in the organization.

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